Wmp11 without validating

Contrary to other releases and downloads which required Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool verification of genuine copy of Windows, when you click on download link on Windows Media Player homepage to download WMP11, you will be directed to Microsoft Windows Media Player Download page that allows all users to download WMP 11 directly, without going through any genuine Windows validation test.Beside, users can also download Widows Media Player 11 via Microsoft Download Center The direct download link for WMP11 is as below: Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP SP2 (x86 32-bit) Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP SP2 (x64 64-bit)Although no WGA validation is required when download the WMP11 installer setup file, however, there is WGA validation process embedded during the installation setup process which will validate your copy of Windows OS, and you will need some tricks or cracks or hacks to get around the validation check to install WMP11, if the validation failed to validate your Windows as genuine and legal.Install a program like Win RAR and then right click on the WMP installer and click on ‘Extract To’.Now open the new wmp11 folder that appears, not the original While the file that is downloading comes with a WGA utility, fear not. Just sit back and wait while WMP downloads and installs. The next step is Alright folks, it’s time to fail WGA validation! Launch the new version of Windows Media Player and prepare to validate. When it finishes, it may give you a notification that the installation failed.

The option to run WMP11 can be found in the Open With option when right clicking in Nautilus, as seen here: You can hear music, add mp3 lists and hear all songs from the list as shown here: Lastly you CAN see a movie but you need to make it fullscreen to see it.

indows Media Player 11.0 is the latest Media Player by Microsoft.

It offers great new ways to store and enjoy all your music, video and pictures along with its new cool look.

he final version of Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP has gone gold and RTM, and is released to the public for free download.

Windows Media Player 11 (WMP or WMPlayer 11) features built-in support for Urge, a subscription music service co-developed with MTV, streamlined and simplified interface, fast access to shortcuts and settings, universal back and forward button, revamped playback controls, faster CD ripping, Reverse Sync from portable device to PC, improved searching, and supports new formats for ripping and playing music, namely Windows Media Audio Professional and WAV Lossless.

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