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If you're not capable of having a voice, making decisions, or interested in those decisions, it's unattractive.” – Julia C. “I think a man who’s lazy, lacks motivation, and direction is less manly. “Lack of confidence and has no interest in furthering himself.” - Courtney A. "Things that turn me off are insecurity, laziness, and bad morals." - Nikki D. "Dependency on others (mostly women) to run their lives.

I picture my ex living at home with his parents playing Dance Dance Revolution in his basement while trying to break into the modeling world with his flab.” – Alexa P. "What makes a man less of a man is not knowing what he wants. Or if he doesn't know how to cook, clean, or do laundry lol. When they lie about something cause their scared to tell the truth.” - Hannah R.

– Results for elk, antelope and deer draw permit applications are now available and can be viewed at Outdoor Deer and antelope permits that […] Fifteen years, half-dozen movies, and three different Spiderman’s, we might have finally got the best one yet as Marvel interjects its creative genius into a franchise that was ready to die.

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Being rude to friends and family, not having respect for himself and others around them. Being cowardly--the truth hurts, but most if the time it's better to tell it.” -Susan R. “He doesn’t stand up for himself, friends, or loved ones.” -Jennifer R. “When they try way too hard in many areas—if they try too hard to be "macho" or try too hard to make it seem like they have a lot of money (i.e. If he is abusive verbally & physically." - Olivia B. “I think anytime a man has to lie to his SO to cover up a mistake makes him less than a man and more of a loser.” - Leah A. “Lack of chivalry, lack of fortitude, when he's a coward, lacks conviction, displays insecurity, when they're too concerned with looks by tanning, waxing eyebrows, getting nails done.” - Michelle S. “Caring too much about how they look, unable to make decisions, lazy.” - Courtney S.

If he's not motivated in life or invested in his future, he lets others do the work for him, and doesn't make his own decisions. talking about their "super important" job all the time or all the stuff he has.) Trying to be someone you are not to get a girl (or anyone) to like you, is NOT manly.“ - Jaclyn S. “Someone who isn't manly is afraid to go against traditional roles and is the first one to speak out against anyone who does so.

SI is not a suicide attempt, it is a coping mechanism.“This goes back to that exact comment that I said in the beginning: it's about moderation," he said. The thing is picking when, where, how, what, and why you eat them."I called it Donkey Sauce because you have to make fun of it. I think if you are going to eat a croissant, you should eat a really great one.Sometimes it can be good to have a sensitive man, but if it's to the point where they're more sensitive than the woman, it can be an issue." - Danielle C. It's manly when men do their own thing and don't let what others do bother them.” - Victoria C. The Holt County Sheriff and Atkinson Fire and Rescue was called to the Niobrara river north of Atkinson on July 1.

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