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Step Three Simply un-tick the box where it says 'Auto-update apps' and your apps will need your permission to download updates.There’s little use in an indoor map system if the maps are outdated.Maze Map is designed to follow the dynamic life of buildings.We can integrate with most facility management systems so that any changes to the floor plans gets synced and reflected in our map system.Bretonnia is also available for free as a Free-LC download, visit this page to download them: The powerful vampire lord Isabella has now entered the fray, joining forces with her beloved Vlad in the new Von Carstein faction.

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Step Two Tap the menu button (three square dots) located at the top right hand side of the screen and select 'Settings'.

HIGHLIGHTS• The chivalrous knights of Bretonnia have a renewed purpose, with new Lords, units and desire to defend their borders and punish their foes.

All players will experience a change in the campaign map, with Bretonnia in opposition.

See also: How to manually update an Android smartphone or tablet.

Step One On your Android smartphone or tablet open the Google Play Store.

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