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I think we're done.'" She continues: "What are you gonna say? Even though our manager told Jay and I that we should go on and continue on with White Zombie and get a new singer, we both refused that.

"But the slap in the face was that Rob's solo record came out, like, the next day – so he spent that year making a record, knowing that White Zombie wasn't going to be a band again.

By the age of eight I was playing blues improv with old blues men in smokey nightclubs – the good old days!

I had an amazing teacher who taught us classical, blues, improv and composition simultaneously – it was called the Pace method.

Like, the bridge was literally right outside the window.

The place was about 0 a month and I had two roommates, and one of 'em slept in the kitchen and the other one, my friend Tracy, shared the bedroom with me. Rob moved in with me there, and our friend Leon stayed in the kitchen, too.

We basically moved in ­together that night and were never apart for seven years.

"I knew that we weren't getting back together, but Jay and I both said, 'We have more riffs.

We'd love to write some more music.' And Rob kept saying, 'No, no, no.

Sean Yseult: White Zombie Bassist, photographer and designer.

I was raised in North Carolina by two bohemian English Professors who immersed my sister and I in the arts.

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