Ptp definitions not updating

PTP daemon (PTPd) is an implementation the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) version 2 as defined by 'IEEE Std 1588-2008'.PTP provides precise time coordination of Ethernet LAN connected computers.It was designed primarily for instrumentation and control systems.

From our current evaluation software I can see the following scenarios: UPDATE: Damn...A new column Type is added in the Configuration per master to identify if a device is of type Boundary Clock (Master), Grand Master, or Hybrid. The list displays the source (master) devices that you have selected in the Device Assignment page.Note: Because the boundary clock can act as both the source (master) device and destination (slave) device, this list includes the devices that you have selected from Boundary Device List. If there is a combination of a managed and unmanaged grand master devices, by default, the unmanaged grand master device is populated in the Configured table.The interrupt endpoint is required so that the driver can receive MTP events from the device.These events are a notification mechanism that the driver relies on to relay events to applications (e.g.

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