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Konstantine (Gus) Drakopoulos, who describes himself as the club’s “Bossman,” is a convicted white-collar felon.

He has employed an ex-con who did 10 years for manslaughter as a kind of intermediary with gang members to keep the peace, according to records and sources.

Instead his parents simply opt to send their son to a strictly-operated Catholic boarding school, hoping this will cure his rebellious nature. He has also suffered the ridicule and bullying by his judgmental classmates, but his coping mechanism has been to ignore the insults and devote all of his energy upon his academics.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." You've heard the slogan, tempting us to believe that there is someplace on earth where we can make mistakes but avoid the consequences. Whether you drive across the country, fly to Australia, turn off all the lights, or push away the memories, the impact of past sin has a way of finding us.

There is no arena of life where this is truer than with sexual sin.

I regularly meet women who are haunted by the shame of their sexual choices even decades later.

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In November, a ,000 diamond ring reportedly flew from Beckham’s finger while he was on the dance floor, never to be seen again.

I was ashamed for not knowing in the first place and for even wanting to know!

I know that God is loving and forgiving, but how can I serve Him when I am marked by such a horrible sin struggle?

Jacob and Avery are respective sophomore and senior high school students at an all-boys Catholic boarding school.

Both are gay, and they immediately find themselves attracted to one another when they meet for the first time at an all-school mass.

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