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Each rose is hand-crafted in our London workshop by our team of master craftsmen, led by Crown Jeweller Martin Swift.

Boscobel is a dazzling solitaire mount accentuated by a classic and feminine platinum setting with diamond set sholders.

The "Triple Deposit" means that a good quality plating was used in making your piece by electroplating deposits of pure liquid silver on the base metal which was probably a mixture of metals containing mostly nickel.

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In 1860, John Mappin, the youngest son broke away from Mappin Brothers and started his own business Mappin & Company. Weight 4049 grams, 130 troy ounces (excluding the knives). Circa 1870 MAPPIN & WEBB Sold A large antique cutlery tray with plain style and bead border. During spring 2006, the company relaunched Bulmers Original in the UK, aimed at the "served over ice" market, which had grown in popularity over the past few years. At the same time, the Red Berry and Lime flavour was launched as "No. In 2015, the red grape flavour was discontinued and replaced with a new flavour "Zesty Blood Orange", number-coded as "No. The black cherry flavour was discontinued the following year and replaced with "Wild Blueberry and Lime", number-coded as "No. In 2016, Bulmers rebranded yet again, now with bottles of smaller volume at 500 ml 2017 introduced the "Orchard Pioneers" range, 'artisanal' ciders created by the company's suppliers; the range opened with "Kier's Cloudy Apple Cider" (Kier Rogers) and "Sarah's Red Apple Cider" (Sarah Hawkins), number-coded as "No. Bulmers have produced several limited edition flavours: Bulmers Light, introduced in Spring 2008, had the same ABV as Bulmers Original but with 30% fewer calories.Bulmers Original is a 4.5% ABV cider, primarily sold in pint bottles (568 ml). In summer 2011, Bulmers relaunched with a new look and new bottles. However this was delisted a year later due to poor sales.From 1949 Magners withdrew from this partnership but retained rights to trade under the name HP Bulmer Ltd in Ireland.Bulmers now only survives as a brand name and subsidiary of the Heineken group, with operations in Hereford scaled back to focus mainly on the production of cider. In 2014, a study by The Daily Telegraph found that a pint of Bulmers cider contained five teaspoons (20.5g) of sugar, nearly as much as the WHO recommends as an adult's daily allowance of added sugar, and 5-10 times the sugar of lager or ale.

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