Jemima rooper dating

She is currently on stage in Her Naked Skin at the National.

She lives in north London with two flatmates I probably first met Ralf in a hazy nightclub about six years ago.

I must have said: "Well, I'm going to get one"—and I think that's why. She said: "Please don't be an actress, be a doctor or lawyer." But I was very tunnel-visioned about it all. Hex aired on Sky One and ran for two series between 20.

He's very personable and loud when you first meet him, as I can be, but that masks his sweet side: one on one he is incredibly sensitive.

He's also very ambitious and talented – and very clever. No, I can imagine us when we're about 80, still single, sitting in a pub, still flirting – and he'll be trying to undo my huge granny bra...

It is virtually the only time I’ve ever exercised, but raising money for breast cancer charities was worth it.

My best friends are Kim and T (Talitha) – we did A-level theatre studies together. She gave us beautiful matching choker necklaces from Butler & Wilson.

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