Espn gamecast not updating

mcm is still maintaining 0.5 and people are still using it.They wouldn't like to have a different extension forced on them. Since filing my earlier posting today, I have since revised my ABP extension configuration to remove the filterlist. Being a complete novice in terms of the state the ABP lists are in, simply removing the one subscription and replacing with the other should not cause any hiccups, true?The latest I am having trouble with is ESPN, with their flash ad at the top of their home page.When I checked the source within Dreamweaver, I see that it is: SOB.flash file = " learned from the other thread that you discovered that the problem was in the filter rule being whitelisted by your filterset (G. Just in case you find similar problems again, next time check the item in the sidebar hovering the mouse on it and you will notice that it is whitelisted (green color and also the message in the tooltip). Updater options) or individually (ABP enable/disable individual filter applies also to whitelist rules). I admit to using ABP since 0.5 and just recently switched into the newer 0.7.1 (don't know why Firefox extension updates didn't auto update, but that's for another conversation). The options seem to be to only allow for removing the subscription.In an ongoing search that will probably last all season long, your MSR crew (meaning me) will perform random acts of mobility, following NFL and college games via mobile to see if these services deliver, or if they fall incomplete.

Though the NFL 2011 app has a little annoying banner ad at the bottom of the screen (the ESPN and Sprint services also have banner ads), its play-by-play updates are generally more informative than ESPN’s, giving it the edge in a basically even competition.

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